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people's hidden potential

TRIPA gives your organization a 360° turnkey of every individual in your team and provides unique insights that enhance your decision-making process to select the candidates and employees that best fit your organization's open roles.

Furthermore, TRIPA cuts routine talent acquisition tasks by 40%, costs per hire, turnover rates, and increases team productivity.

TRIPA is industry agnostic and perfectly aligns recruitment, educational institutions, organizational transformation, training and development, succession planning, OKR, and competencies benchmarking. In addition, our ready-to-use API can easily be integrated into current Human Capital Management tools eliminating costly system integration.

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Our Focus is to

Help people identify their source of value

Discover your inherent talent to achieve your desired level of success. Get to know your true-to-life Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Uncover your workforce potential

Fast and concise insights of your workforce and candidates that enable you to focus on what matters the most: their success factors.

Provide workforce analytics

We provide data-driven analyses of your workforce to help you tackle top and macro-level strategic challenges.

Be part of the growth mindset community

Are you ready to take your personal & professional growth to new heights?

With only 25 minutes of your time, we will help you discover and reinforce your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to lead you to a more fulfilled career-driven purpose.

We help you find answers to the following

What are your natural talents?
Why are you motivated to make use of your talents?
How do you prefer to make use of your talents?
Do I have the right level of competencies to perform my preferred role?
Where do I need to put my focus on to increase my level of Performance?

Maximize valuable resources

TRIPA's 360° report gives you all the insights you need to maximize your most valuable resources: Time, Effort, and Money to stay competitive in these constantly changing times. Drill down into your unique talents to align your CAREER with your life PURPOSE while increasing your PERFORMANCE. Don't fall behind the curve and sign up now.

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Effective & efficient workforce placement

TRIPA is a sourcing platform that enables companies to identify and connect candidates and employees with the highest potential for success with open roles.

TRIPA helps optimize your team and individual performance through self-awareness, which by-product leads to high productivity.

01. Applicant Sourcing
02. Benefits
03. Offer
  • Obtain more qualified applicants
  • Create job requisitions
  • Post your jobs for free on our platform
  • Reduce false positives and false negatives
  • Succinct information about your workforce and candidate insights.
  • Support leadership and team optimization through people analytics
  • Support “sniper-like” change management, succession planning, training, and development
  • Compare your workforce based on their potential to succeed
  • Reduce your reliance on headhunters and recruiters
  • Support business top and macro-level strategies challenges by using our powerful people insights
  • Identification of Personal USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
    Career and personal Life Alignment through self-awareness
  • Management Consulting Services
    Improve leadership and team self-awareness - coaching

    Playing to your workforce’s strengths and making them more aware of their blind spots will increase performance. It will also help “sniper-like,” targeting areas of reinforcement development, maximize your resources, and evaluate your ROI.

    1:1 Self-awareness coaching
    Leadership and team optimization
    Self-awareness coaching and seminars
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What our clients are saying

A fantastic tool to explore the true potential of employees! Straightforward online test, which I took myself. The assessments and diagnostics helped me to determine the perfect role fit for my existing and new employees. It saved me a ton of time and, at the same time, allowed the assessment participants to become self-aware of their strengths and areas of development. I will continue making use of the tools and services, which I recommend :)

Martin Mitošinka
CEO, CTO at FREE company

TRIPA provides a fantastic framework for applying yourself to recognize and communicate with all kinds of personalities successfully. Anyone and everyone can benefit from TRIPA’s services and seminars; they have a fantastic ability to coach and lead.

Scott Brownfield
Sales Manager at PKZ Group

My experience working with TRIPA was outstanding. Consultancy like this is a must for everyone who wants to raise his level of self-awareness and gain an edge—great insight for being more effective and staying motivated.

Peter Sedmák
Wealth Effect Management, Wealth Management

The assessment accurately brought to light my areas of strengths and those requiring development. I like TRIPA’s approach to those areas - caretaking, well structured, able to formulate points that trigger the change I need, especially at the strategic level.

Julius Siska
Group Head Operations at Finance
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People behind the idea

Alexis del Río

CEO, Co-founder & CTO
Alexis has over 20 years of working experience for the UN and the private sector; has a master’s degree in the science of Information Management from Aspen University, a post-graduate in Digital Business from Emeritus Institute of Management in Collaboration with MIT Executive Studies, PRINCE2 Practitioner, executive coaching and psychometric interpretation certification.

Zulf Hyatt-Khan

Sales Director
Zulf has over 18 years of experience in global business and contracts negotiations with Fortune 500 companies. Presided over large teams, sat on various boards and steering committees, and raised more than $300 million. Zulf studied at the University of Edinburgh, Kings College London, and Harrow School.

Darshan Kumar

Co-founder & Technical Lead
Darshan is an entrepreneur and passionate full-stack engineer and solution architect who contributes to Hadoop, Apache Falcon Atlas PMC, and other open-source repositories. Darshan has a master of computer science and is a winner of the first Fintech House Hackathon organized by Forbes Magazine and OneGram.


What is TRIPA?

TRIPA is a self-awareness platform that helps people align their careers with their life purpose. At the same time, It helps businesses identify their workforce’s hidden talent and place them in a more effective and efficient role.

TRIPA's logo is inspired by the parable of the mustard seed that is the smallest of the seeds, and it grows to become a big tree.

Is TRIPA a job board?

No. TRIPA is not a job board. Instead, it is a self-awareness coaching platform that assists people in finding opportunities within its network of partners.

How much does TRIPA cost?

TRIPA has two versions for professionals: TRIPA Free and TRIPA Premium.

TRIPA Premium is a paid upgrade that offers all the features currently available and in development.

While the free access version of TRIPA allows you to access some of the features we have to offer, TRIPA Premium is the ultimate tool to ensure that you have a true-to-life USP identification supported with our coaching content. TRIPA Premium price will be revealed upon its commercial release.

Why do you ask for a résumé or curriculum vitae?

As you seek to discover your USP and align your career path with your life purpose, your résumé contains information handy for the coaching exercises embedded in the platform, and our future machine-learning algorithm suggestions and recommendations will help you to find the role that supports your inborn talents.

How will you charge?

We charge annually but provide you with a monthly cost. Your year subscription is renewed one year after your subscribed; otherwise, you select manual renewal. You will get a 10 - 20% discount when paying your yearly subscription for the first time.

Can I cancel my annual subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your annual subscription anytime from your profile settings. If you cancel, it will be effective from your next billing cycle, and you will lose TRIPA Premium features.

What is your refund policy?

Because our content is digital, TRIPA does not offer refunds except in certain situations and jurisdictions, as noted in our refund policy.

What is TRIPA Business?

TRIPA Business includes:

  • Create job requisition and post jobs in the TRIPA platform
  • Create workforce profile, setup and send assessment
  • Redirect job candidate to TRIPA
  • Compare workforce profile
  • Workforce analytics

Learn how TRIPA can give your company an edge; please contact us to discuss details. Companies big and small do achieve greatness when they use TRIPA for their top and macro-level strategies.

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