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Become part of the 2% of the population that knows their inborn talent and reap the rewards.

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    Fast forward your career with TRIPA! Get clarity and confidence in 30 minutes.

    TRIPA is your career booster!

    Who am I? What are my strengths? What values do I have? Why do I do what I do?

    Discover your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) through years of scientific studies that identify and measure your behavior traits, values, and role-specific competencies.

    Achieve your peak potential

    Find out more about yourself, strengths, and blind spots! Use your inborn talents to influence your environment positively and thrive in any setting.
    With TRIPA, you learn to thrive and walk your success journey easily while being authentic.

    Identify the right opportunity

    Your true-to-life insights give you a better understanding of yourself and your USP to identify the Professional opportunities that suit your inborn talents. In addition, TRIPA helps you to be scouted by companies participating in the platform.

    TRIPA Coaching Features

    Career path insights

    Using TRIPA’s self-assessment tools, uncover your talents and values and chart a more fulfilling career path that optimizes your skills, earning potential, and job satisfaction.

    Performance benchmarking

    Identify and measure your role-based competencies, behavior, and values and discover focused opportunities to improve your performance while supporting your career objectives.

    Identify your value

    Leverage data-driven insights to help you develop your unique selling proposition (USP) to improve skills, sell your value to employers, and increase career and earning success.

    All-in-One Dashboard

    Our intuitive dashboard gives you all your career, performance, and competencies details in one insightful tool that eliminates the time and hassles of accessing multiple screens.

    Find the right role by sharing your uniqueness

    TRIPA allows you to showcase your personal and professional uniqueness to find the right role for your skills and needs.

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    What our clients are saying

    A fantastic tool to explore the true potential of employees! Straightforward online test, which I took myself. The assessments and diagnostics helped me to determine the perfect role fit for my existing and new employees. It saved me a ton of time and, at the same time, allowed the assessment participants to become self-aware of their strengths and areas of development. I will continue making use of the tools and services which I recommend 🙂

    Martin Mitošinka

    CEO, CTO at FREE company
    TRIPA provides a fantastic framework for applying yourself to recognize and communicate with all kinds of personalities successfully. Everyone can benefit from TRIPA’s services and seminars; they have a tremendous ability to coach and lead.

    Scott Brownfield

    Sales Manager at PKZ Group

    My experience working with TRIPA was outstanding. Consultancy like this is a must for everyone who wants to raise his level of self-awareness and gain an edge—great insight for being more effective and staying motivated.

    Peter Sedmák

    Wealth Effect Management, Wealth Management
    The assessment accurately highlighted my areas of strengths and those requiring development. I like TRIPA’s approach to those areas - caretaking, well structured, and able to formulate points that trigger the change I need, especially at the strategic level.

    Julius Siska

    Group Head Operations at Finance
    Meet My Team

    People behind the idea

    Alexis Del Rio

    Founder & CEO

    Darshan Kumar

    Co-founder & Technical Lead

    Zulf Hyatt-Khan

    Sales Director

    Questions you might have in your mind

    Frequently asked questions

    TRIPA is a sourcing and self-awareness platform that helps individuals charter a career-driven purpose and achieve financial independence. At the same time, it helps businesses identify their workforce's hidden talents and gifts and place them where their contribution will be more effective.

    TRIPA Business helps businesses and organizations’ leaders uncover and address human capital challenges before hiring and keeping their team engaged, helping reduce the organization's turnover and replacement costs.

    Please get in touch with sales for details.

    No, TRIPA is a coaching platform that assists people in discovering their needs and making connections.

    TRIPA has two versions:
    TRIPA Free and TRIPA Premium.

    TRIPA free provides access to some of our features, but TRIPA Premium is a paid upgrade to access Personal Business Model that guides you to identify your Unique Selling Proposition identification, Personal Budget tool, and supported coaching content.

    We charge annually but provide you with a monthly cost. Your subscription will renew each year automatically unless you choose manual renewal.

    Yes, you can cancel your annual subscription anytime from your profile settings. If you cancel, it will be effective from your next billing cycle, and you will lose access to TRIPA Premium features.

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